2024/2025 US Ski Team Nomination

It’s official! We are excited to share that Estella was nominated to the US Ski Team for the 2024/2025 season.

From US Ski and Snowboard: “Congratulations! I am thrilled to inform you that you have been nominated to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team for the 2024-2025 season. Your remarkable accomplishments this past year have shown you have the talent, commitment, dedication, and positive energy to flourish as a member of our Team. We are excited to welcome you and look forward to the unique and extraordinary contributions you will make to our community in the year to come.”

Season Wrap Up

It was a wild and crazy season, that’s for sure! Estella started out the winter season in Steamboat, Colorado and finished the season in Lahti, Finland. In between, she visited South Korea, Slovenia, Norway, Italy, Austria and passed through Belgium and Poland. Ahhh, the life of a ski jumper.

The season was a whirlwind with plenty of highs including a new hill record in Steamboat, a Youth Olympics spot, and her first World Cup start. Overall, she finished strong and was able to claim a Top 30 position on the ICOC circuit, meeting her season goal.

Estella is back in Madison until early June and then will be off to the West for training. It’s a jam packed 10 weeks of normal life stuff…prom, finishing high school, taking AP exams, and figuring out which college to attend.

Planica 2024, Nordic Junior World Ski Championships. Ski Jumping Women Team Competition HS 102. Planica, Slovenia. 09.02.2024 Foto: © Jure Makovec

Fun in Gangwon

Well, that was a whirlwind and fun trip to Gangwon! Estella had a great time participating in the Olympic experience. Made new friends and got to explore the convenience stores of Gangnueng. Not much time for real exploration…

Placed 16th in the individual event and 7th in the team. And her teammate, Josie Johnson, claimed the silver! It was a great moment for Team USA. There is an awesome Team USA article that highlights Estella and Josie’s experience on competition day and worth the read!

Estella is back in Madison and then heading out west to prepare for the upcoming FIS Junior World Championships in Planica, Slovenia – here’s USA Nordic official press release for the team nominations.